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Interstitial pneumonia is characterizedinaccurate and vague symptoms, so diagnosing the disease is difficult. To buy lisinopril online the presence of inflammation, the following procedures are performed. Measurement of external respiration functions - allows you to determine existing pulmonary ventilation disorders. Chest X-ray – provides information about noticeable changes in the lung area. Analysis of blood gas composition EchoCG, ECG - carried out in case of suspected heart failure Lung biopsy - this procedure allows you to determine the morphological form of pneumonia. A biopsy is performed only if it is impossible to perform other studies, and the disease is rapidly progressing.

Treatment of interstitial pneumonia is based on anti-inflammatory therapy, which involves the use of cytostatics, glucocorticoids, and hormonal agents. The duration of drug treatment varies from 3 months to several years. Radiological and clinical improvements occur in a third of patients.
Determining the effectiveness of therapy is based on a combination of several indicators at intervals of 3-6 months. The strength of lisinopril pills, shortness of breath disappears. X-ray features decrease. Blood gas exchange is stabilized. If there is no dynamics in any direction during the treatment process, this indicates a normalization of the process. If the general condition worsens over six months, the X-ray results do not change - this indicates the ineffectiveness of the chosen technique. When sclerosis of lung tissue develops, experts recommend the use of oxygen therapy, which can significantly prolong the patient’s life. Severe forms of the disease require a lung transplant. Pathologies of the pulmonary interstitium have many causes and risk factors. Can be included in the list.

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Adverse effects of environmental and industrial conditions. Connective tissue diseases. Various infectious diseases. Impact of lisinopril drugs. Systemic vascular diseases. Among connective tissue diseases, lesions of the interstitial tissue of the lung can be named as causes. Medicines intended for chemotherapy, a group of cytostatics, as well as drugs heroin and cocaine contribute to the development of interstitial pneumonia. To take zestril pills of zestril pills of corrections of lips and other parts of the body, silicone injections have a similar effect in causing diseases of the lung parenchyma. Among the professions, the following are unfavorable for the occurrence of occupational lung diseases. Vascular lesions such as giant cell and microscopic polyangiitis, periarteritis nodosa, Takayasu's disease, granulomatosis with polyangiitis can cause changes in the lungs.

Other diseases causing damage to the pulmonary interstitium. Some of the reasons do not necessarily require working with a harmful agent; it is enough that a person constantly inhales dust, gases, allergens, chemicals and air pollutants (aerosols, smoke from the combustion of wood, plant and biomass). If the etiology is not determined. Acute interstitial pneumonia. Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. Desquamative interstitial pneumonia. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Lymphoid interstitial pneumonia. Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. Respiratory bronchiolitis against the background of any interstitial lung disease. Families with autosomal recessive inheritance of desquamative interstitial alveolitis are extremely rare. The prognosis is always unfavorable - children die in infancy.